I bought this because I keep hearing about it on the radio. I figured I would try it out. At the price, it was worth a go.The first day, I had to try it on everything. And I am ambivalent. I am not convinced it is a miracle product, but for some things it does seem to work. Still searching for the pattern and reason.results:Door hinges that a previous tenant lubricated with black gunk: Minor improvementScuzzy chrome sink stopper: no changeGlass dish with a coating of congealed grease: no benefitFavorite nonstick frying pan interior: Cleaner than its ever been since the day I got itFavorite nonstick frying pan, Anodized exterior w baked on brown scuzz: Ambivalent. Might be some improvement, but if so its at the edge of my ability to discern.cheaper nonstick frying pan: clean interior. Enamel exterior actually appeared to be bleached by BGC.Glass cook top w some food scuzz and a burned on spot: no benefitIn oven thermometer w baked on grease droplets: I can see the temp reading again, and the metal looks much cleaner.New electric griddle used a few times: All hit of grease gone, looks like newOld Electric Grill with years of baked on grease, nonstick worn off in places, etc: No change except on the heating element itself, and not much there.It leaves a soapy feel, I almost thought of how the skin feels when you touch certain cleaning chemicals. I recalled hearing it was a bit basic, But when I exposed it to acids, no apparent chemical response.As time passes, I am sure I will think of more things to try it on, but for now the only think I can strongly confirm it worked on are nonstick surfaces, and somewhat on metal. It seems almost useless on glass. Perhaps a stop in the bathroom. If I get any more conclusive results, I will update my review.Update: Still Mixed results, having moved to the bathroom. I expected it to shine in cleaning some grout lines. It did not. No better than plain old water. The bath hardware chrome, on the other hand, looks unexpectedly new. It continues to work well on nonstick surfaces as well. Repeated uses have had some positive effect on the electric grill, but its still less than perfect.

Joshua Smith voted 0/5

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