we have 2 cats, 1 dog, a pool , and a hot tub. we treat our house very casually. this means water dragged all over the place, dirt from the pets, etc. our carpets take a pounding. we had a small carpet cleaner but it just never got deep down. i was going to buy the "rental machine brand" until i started reading bissel reviews. i went with the bissel due to the design on the removable water tanks and the power driven rotary brush. i made the right choice. this unit is easy to use and it cleans as if a professional company came in and did the job. it's a tad heavy but you don't want a cheap something that doesn't work. this bissel is a lot of money but so is carpet. you won't be sorry with this purchase. it does work not as promised; it works BETTER than promised. would higly recommend to anyone who's on the fence about this unit versus another brand.

dennis voted 0/5

Tags: clean green