I've had this book for quite awhile, actually for a year now and find that it is an excellent reference for green cleaning. Annie provides not only home-made recipes but recommendations for ready-made green products that you can find either online or at your health food store; as well as references to ingredients and resources for additional reading. This was actually the first book that I read about green cleaning and it spurred me on to seek more information and change my house-keeping and cleaning products and habits entirely. For the beginner, though, I would recommend "Clean House, Clean Planet" as it is more instructional as to how to properly mix the ingredients to get the best results.This small book tends to be overwhelming in its amount of information and sometimes the recipes can be hard to find when you're in a hurry and looking for a particular item. But all in all, like her other book "Better Basics For The Home", it is a gem that would be a wonderful addition to anyone's green clean library.

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