Joseph Fiksel has made another outstanding personal contribution to advancing Sustainability in business and NGO organizations with his latest book:"Design for Environment, Second Edition: A Guide to Sustainable Product Development: Eco-Efficient Product Development". I've known Joseph for more than twenty years beginning when my team and I were developing Hewlett-Packard's pioneering Global DFE/Product Stewardship program and I truly appreciate Joseph's continued personal passion for Design for the Environment (DFE). His latest book is a great manifestation of that passion as he weaves together a very practical guide with excellent examples of value-adding applications of DFE among many iconic corporate and NGO leaders in multiple sectors. I think Chapter 4 on "Business Value Drivers" and Chapter 7 on "Performance Indicators and Metrics" are especially valuable because they offer great insights into: a) how to motivate management involvement and support for DFE and b) how to integrate DFE into core business processes, which in my view is a critical success factor for any credible corporate sustainability program. This book is a "must read" book for any EHS/DFE/Sustainability practitioner wanting to advance sustainability in their organization. And I trust I can assume that, like me, those practitioners that have a long history with DFE and Sustainability appreciate Joseph's continued outstanding work and contributions to our profession.

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