I could not believe how cute and wonderful the projects were in this book. First of all, I fell in love with the screen which I thought was made from delicate, cut paper pieces. Then I absolutely ADORED the decorative bowls made from old paper pulp. I mean, how brilliant! I finally have a use for the beautiful scraps of paper left over from my scrapbooking which I just can't bear to get rid of!And my jaw, if it was capable, would have literally hit the floor over the incredibly beautiful chandelier (YES, chandelier!) made from baby food jars and wire and old barrel hoops... I mean, it's enough to make me try to hunt down old barrel hoops and take a fan out of one of my rooms to make room for it!I honestly couldn't believe how awesome each project was. I also feel like getting my hands on some bamboo now to make trays!!! What great drawer dividers in themselves, besides the cute paper mache ones she makes out of old takeout box lids...I just have to stop writing now because I'd keep writing for forever and never get to making my hanging lamp out of a cut up milk carton...

Katherine Canuel voted 0/5

Tags: recycle