Took Dr. da Rosa's classes at Stanford last year (EE293A and B). These classes were based on this text in "reader" format, or perhaps better said, this book represents the lectures and the knowledge that was given to the students in these classes.Dr. da Rosa is a recogonized expert in renewable energy. The classes were structured not only to make you learn about renewable energy sources, but also to think about other energy sources that are in vogue, and hyped as the future.I'm finished with the classes, but I feel that I need a copy of the text as a reference so that I can have a source to defend my arguements to others about renewable energy sources.If you are really interested in renewable energy processes from a practical, engineering standpoint, you must review this book. Even better would be to take the classes! (They are offered as Distance Learning on the internet.)

William Bretz voted 0/5

Tags: renewable energy