This is an excellent resource for those of us wishing to remove the pollutents from our homes. The authors give detailed information on exactly what is in those 'wonder products' we currently use, like dishwashing liquid, floor waxes & cleaners and innumerable other items we use on a daily basis. The information in this book will shock you, prompt you to change the way you clean and give you the necessary tools and information to not only purchase SAFE products but create your own and live a 'greener' life.Creating your own cleaning products is not only less expensive then purchasing premade cleaners, but you KNOW what went into them!! You know how safe they are; for example - would you rather accidently drink windex and hope for the best? Or accidently ingest home made window cleaner (club soda)? Did you know that dishwashing liquid is the number one cleaning product accidently ingested by children? I didn't. And even though my cleaning products are kept well away from my 2 year old son, it is possible that accidents happen and I am not willing to take that chance.This book is filled with information so that you as a consumer can make informed choices about what you will and will not tolerate in your home, the chances you are willing to take with cleaning products and how to change what you use...and even our impact on the planet.

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