I'm working as a green building consultant for a major remodel/upgrade on a 250 yr old house in NH. This book has brought a beautifully wide perspective to a very concrete process. Johnston & Gibson understand green building and more importantly they understand that the most expensive answer is not necessarily the best. They give a balanced discussion on the pros and cons on various techniques and technology. After discussing the merits of tankless water heaters and there are many, they note that a California Build Water Heater can deliver similar energy efficiency results at a fraction of the cost. I appreciate that they understand the Return on the Investment side of the equation.It is a complete book; all the various facets of HVAC from duct trouble spots, sheet metal ducts vs flex ducts, geothermal pumps, swamp coolers to night flushing are discussed. I would recommend it to both experts and novices.Taunton Publishing brought their exceptional understanding of how-to books to the text. It is well-designed and laid out for both readability and comprehension. The illustrations are excellent and the pictures informative.It is nice to see this level of quality in such a cloudy and sometimes hyped subject matter. In a word: Inspirational.

Barrett Doherty voted 0/5

Tags: green energy