Love the juicer, works well w/ the Gerson Therapy. It's been a workhouse 40+ days straight. Cleaning is quick. Recommend a 4 cup pyrex glass bowl w/ this besides the one they give you to catch pulp.Here's some background why to juice.I have a Netflix account. Saw The Beautiful Truth and later the Gerson Miracle. Had a lump in my throat that was literally choking me when I ate. Bought the book, started juicing. I can swallow most of the time now and hope to be cured in time (been a month or so).I've been a pretty healthy guy who's been into athletics and health for a long time. In the past 7 years I've developed bad habits. With the combination of the Gerson method and exercise, I feel better now than in a long time. Used to run 3-5 miles a day. Just started again...feeling healthy enough to do so. Blood pressure has dropped w/ out meds also (from 154/114 to 127/68 the other day). Cravings for juice and feeling good are stronger than any drug I've taken in the past. You honestly feel kind of light headed/high on life. Maybe that's the way we are supposed to feel.

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