Having been intrigued and engaged from other material I've read by this same author, I decided to read this "How-To" guide. The concept of building a house by myself is not only extremely intimidating but figuring out how to do it for less than $10K seems even more impossible. At least I felt that way until I read this ebook.It`s written like a crash course in construction. The simple step-by-step instructions are remarkably logical and easy to follow and the pictures reinforce how each step is accomplished and what it should look like. This guide thoroughly goes through the process of building one specific type of home: a 50x50 Octagon Home made from 100% recycled, reclaimed or salvaged material. The one drawback was that the guide did not incorporate pre-plumbing. But regardless, with a little common sense and the ability to read and follow the directions I am certain I could build a home myself.I was also amazed to read about all the different types of building options based on a particular climate or region and the breakdown of skill and technical levels needed to build each type of project. The guide is packed with tips and suggestions from things like how to pick the right spot and direction for your home, how to prevent concrete from cracking, how to make light fixtures from tin cans, or how to break down a pallet, and that is just scratching the surface. There is also solid advice on where and how to acquire free resources.Anyone interested in truly "Living Off The Grid" must read this. It's short, simple, practical and easily implemented.

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