This easy to read (pics & illustrations on every page), practical 2009 publication is just what I needed to give me a kick start... It covers everything from indoors to outdoors, pets, pests, babies, toys, offices, laundry, personal care products, "do's & dont's" and "how to's". In the past I hadn't paid much attention to what ingredients are in the products I use, however, since I've been dealing with health issues recently, I've been trying to "lighten the load" of toxins & carcinogens I expose myself to. Some I cannot avoid - others I'm not willing to "give up" (yet), but at least I'm more aware.It's a great book for "beginners" who want to learn about "being green" or a quick refresher for the experienced. It's not necessary to read from cover to cover - just hop around to the topics that interest you.I have already recommended this book to several friends, given it as a gift, and recommended it to my local library.

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Tags: clean green