Most environmental messages are all about doom and gloom. This work says we have resources from the air, ground, water, and other places to replace fossil fuels.I can't stands me no chemistry or physics, but the science here was bearable because of the good news that was being spread. I still have concerns that these fan blades in the air or in the sea are going to kill wildlife and put many species on the endangered list. This work did focus on warmer areas. So it's nice that Arizona and Ethiopia can cultivate all this energy. But are we sure that cold, bustling places like London or New England are going to be able to take advantage too?This work is novel in that it speaks of past peoples and cultures using the same technology. For example, the windmills in Holland were about energy. Native American tribes in the Southwest positioned houses so they would soak up maximum sun. I loved the history lessons here.The work seemed to interview Ph.D.'s and Joes the Plumber. So it is a bit diverse in terms of class. However, it was very homogenous in terms of race and gender. Remember when the Internet was all the rage in the 1990s, but there were serious worries about the "digital divide"? I am worried that this new, clean, infinite technologies are going to aid the privileged and not the oppressed.

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