The Neu home design was perfect for our needs, with two equal size compartments -- one for each type of recyclying. And it fit perfectly in our spcae next to a single compartment Simple Human bin we use for our primary garbage.We chose this over the similar Simple Human 2-compartment can. The Similar Simple Human product has only one lid, and has one large compartment and a smaller side compartment. It did not do what we wanted. And it was about $50.00 more money.So we chose to try this Neu Home design that was more suited for use as a recycling bin in areas where you have to separate your recycling into (1) paper goods, and (2) bottles and cansIn comparing the two:1. The step-pedal on the Neu Home design leaves something to be desired. Often it gets out-of-whack --- and the lid will only open an inch or two when you step down. You have to reach down and re-align the metal bar that is attached to the pedal, so that it pushes the lid up properly. Not a big deal, once I figured out how to fix it. But, I have had the Simple Human for a couple years, and the pedal always works perfectly, as does the butterfly/slow-close lid.Plus the pedals are plastic, and seem less durable than the medal foot-pedal on the Simple Human.2. The Simple Human is a bit more heavy duty. Seems to be slightly higher gauge stainless than the Neu Home.In summary:They may be slightly lower quality, but the price is also much lower. The Neu Home bin is very clean and stylish for a non-hidden garbage/recycling bin. And a very solid alternative to Simple Human.

J. Dunne voted 0/5

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