The author explores the current state of the U.S. energy economy and many of the commonly-held perceptions about it. Using facts and data from official sources, he explodes many of these perceptions which he (correctly, it turns out) characterizes as myths. Having set the record straight, he then proposes a common-sense and technically viable way to move forward with appropriate national energy policies.Even though this expose' of the truth surrounding the nation's current energy situation is filled with facts, numbers and graphs, it is well-written and can be understood clearly by any intelligent person regardless of technical background. Some readers may be put off by an occasional political comment, but these do not detract from the central value of the book.It would be good if our policy makers would read and heed the advice offered in this book. Absent that unlikely event, it would be good if many people would read this presentation and pressure their government officials to follow more-sane energy policies, such as those proposed here.In my 40 years as (among other things) an engineering professor, a utility company research director, and an engineering magazine editor, I have come to appreciate works such as this which combine technical correctness and readability.

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Tags: renewable energy