Dan Botkin's "Powering the Future" is an exceptional read. Most citizens go through life consuming, consuming, consuming, and not realizing or caring about the energy impact in both the short and long term. And it is not just those in the lower and middle levels of society, it includes those at the very top with the most influence. This book goes into excellent detail on the many resources that man uses and abuses, shares specific statistics and ratios that I found fascinating (e.g. comparing gas at $4 per gallon against $0.87 per gallon for compressed natural gas in August 2008, both amounts would take a car the same distance). At the same time the author says that although cost look better on the one hand, the availability of a resource that looks good today could be in very short supply in the future. Without question, the case for solar, wind and other eco-friendly solutions will be the leading sources for our energy needs in the years to come.I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is an excellently packaged read (just the right amount of information, not too much and not too little) and it would provide an excellent foundation for anyone interested (should be everyone) in green initiatives and our future generations.

Victor Lue-Yat voted 0/5

Tags: renewable energy