Energy and the environment are topics of such importance today that it is easy to feel like a fool when you don't know even the basics. Renewable Energy Made Easy lives up to its name, making the subject easy to handle by dividing the book up into manageable sections. For me, I found the text a little simplistic at first. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse makes me feel like I am in fifth grade again. However, after the beginning he gets into a lot of interesting information about the actual technology making these changes in energy possible.I wanted to see more diagrams/pictures of all the technology that the author talked about. I did enjoy, though, the case studies towards the end of the book that helped to give a clearer picture of how these technologies will be used by companies today. While the author is, of course, pro alternative energy, I didn't feel like he glossed over the many difficulties of making alternative energy work effectively and integrating it into our economy.This is definitely a good book for those looking to get a basic grasp of renewable energy and especially for people looking for an in to more complicated material.

G. E. Kirby voted 0/5

Tags: renewable energy