I ordered this product from Amazon and received it the day before Hurricane Irene arrived at my summer home in CT (well, TS Irene, by the time she crossed Long Island Sound). We were without power for 5 days, and I used this product to keep my DSL modem & laptop powered so I could work (yes, the landphone and DSL kept on working, even as cell service was disrupted for 2 days).The supplied battery took about 10 hours of full sunlight to charge, and was depleted in about 7 hours, so I called the company - also in CT, I was surprised to learn - and found it can be used to charge a larger deep-cycle battery - although of course the charging time would be much longer. So I bought a fully-charged marine deep cycle battery and ran the computer & network off that, while recharging the smaller battery to use in the evening to run my TV and satellite box. Between that and my stock of batteries and lanterns, battery fans, wind-up radio etc., I was able to relax while my neighbors drove miles looking for open gas stations to replenish their thirsty generators.After we got power back, I used the solar panel to charge the marine battery back up over the course of a couple of days. I love this convenient little kit, and will look into buying a spare battery like the supplied one, which would enable continuous portable use.

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