This book gives a good introductory overview of home/small-office sized photovoltaic solutions for those who are relatively (or completely) unfamiliar with the topic. If you're already somewhat knowledgeable, you're probably better off looking elsewhere.I'd advise anyone however to ignore his advice when it comes to the financial analysis of home solar systems; the section is either terribly incompetent or terribly misleading, neither of which reflect particularly well on the author. He tries to compare an investment in a solar system to traditional financial investments, claiming that ROI (return on investment, i.e. yearly return on investment calculated as a percentage of principal payment) is a better way to evaluate a solar power investment than traditional ways such as payback time (years required until the investment pays for itself), and points out that the ROI of around 6-10% compares very favorably to traditional financial investments. The obvious flaw with this logic is that when you "invest" in a solar power system, you're spending your principal - it's gone, and you have to earn it back through your ROI. In other words, you start out in the red, and that's exactly why we use things like "payback" to measure how long it takes you to climb out of the red and start making money. In a traditional investment, the returns are all profit on top of your principal - there's no need for an idea like payback because any ROI is profit. He tries to present "payback" as a misleading measurement when it's his own recommendations that are incredibly misleading. Even worse, he then tries to dismiss the idea of payback by saying we don't use such measures to evaluate purchases such as fishing boats and chandeliers... well of course not, those expenditures are generally for pleasure, not for financial gain. Such a comparison has no place in a section about the financial pro's and con's of a solar power system. This section really bothered me, but to be fair, the rest of the book is still a fairly useful overview of small-scale solar solutions for the uninformed.I'm not sure if this section was due to genuine incompetence or intentional deception, but like I said, neither explanation is a good one.Follow up - just to be clear, I'm not trying to be too negative about this book. It is a pretty concise overview of general PV systems, which could certainly be useful to many people.

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