This book is a great introductory book for someone thinking about taking on a small to medium size solar project. The book starts from fundamentals and does not assume any prior knowledge. It clearly explains theoretical concepts which are required later to help the designer.For a solar project to be successful a considerable amount of thinking and planning needs to be done up front. The author leads the reader through the design process and discusses the various options that a designer is presented with. Attempting to make decisions without this information could prove to be very expensive making the book a complete bargain. The book uses the example of a vacation house installation to explain how decisions could be made for a particular project.In addition to the design and installation guidance, the book includes quite a bit of useful data for the US and UK reader.- Solar Insulation values- Latitude and Sun height charts- Typical Power Consumption figuresIn conclusion, the book is an excellent purchase for anyone contemplating taking on a solar electricity project. The information is presented clearly and is well organised. It is not intimidating for the beginner but also provides useful reference information for the more experienced.

James Cowdery voted 0/5

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