The Sun is the most important star in the universe for the people, animals and plant life here on earth. Without it we surely would not survive. There are many reasons why the sun is so very important to us! According to Tea Benduhn, the author of this book, "the use of the Sun's light and heat energy is called solar power." In this book there are four chapters:What is Solar Power?Sources of EnergyHow Solar Power WorksSolar Power in the FutureTea talks about many interesting facts. Did you know that there is such a thing as solar fabric and that a tent made out of it can power a computer? Did you know that there are cars that can run on solar energy? Did you know that the Sun is a renewable resource? There are many interesting facts in this book! This book is not only fun to read, but you can learn many scientific facts you may not have known before. The photographs are very interesting, especially the unusual looking solar car. This is an excellent beginner's guide to solar power.

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