I've been looking to build my own solar electric system for a while. Not knowing much about the technology other than what I found by surfing the internet, I felt it was time to get some real information from a reputable source.I've been a fan of 'For Dummies' books for years: looking around my office now I can see three of them just lying on my desk and a further four in my bookcase. So buying 'Solar Power Your Home for Dummies' was an obvious choice.I bought two books on solar power: this one and one other, hoping that between them they would provide me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision as to what to do. The other book I found exceptional in that it has given me the technical know-how and the confidence to do the job properly. This book I found shallow and lacking any real useful information.The information it does give is clearly written, easily understandable and well put together. Unfortunately, it is no more than you can find by surfing on the internet for a couple of hours. I did not have the confidence at the end of reading this book that I could build a solar power system. Furthermore, much of the information is out of date and simply is not covered in enough detail to make it a worthwhile book.There are far better books around. This is one 'For Dummies' book that I wish I left on the shelf.

Andy Hayes voted 0/5

Tags: solar power