The panels themselves are well-made and produce more than the rated amount of juice. They arrived intact, sandwiched in slabs of styrofoam. I am happy with them. The voltage regulator works. The wiring, fan-in dongle, etc., are all reasonable. Everything else that came with the order is non-recyclable toxic waste - do with it what you will.The mounting screws are FAKE CHINESE STAINLESS STEEL and start rusting the moment you place them outdoors, staining everything below them with indelible streaks of rust. If you want to use the included mounting frames (and why would you?) then go to a hardware store, and get some true stainless 10-24-3" Philips screws and nylock nuts. It will set you back US$15. The 1.5" PVC frames are functional but ugly and sloppy-looking; I don't know why anyone would want to use them either. The inverter that's thrown in with the order is junk. I "smoke-tested" mine, and, indeed it started smoking! The instructions enclosed with the panels say something like "the included inverter, should you choose to use it" says it all.It almost seems like the panels and the charger are made by competent people, and everything else ("the kit") by a bunch of ___ .

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Tags: solar power