Its title of almanac is deserving. The book is divided into a total of three parts: house, special interests, and outdoors. Each part is further broken down into chapters that target different topics: kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms, gardening, etc. The layout of each topic is well-organized. Each topic starts off with a small blue box on the upper right corner of the page, under the title, where they tell you what the cost savings and benefits to you and your household would be. Then, they go through precise instructions and have great illustrations to go along with the steps, if necessary.The contents for me were great. A lot of topics that they go through are things that I am already very interested in and have looked up countless times online, such as cleaning with my own mix of solutions from borax, vinegar, baking soda, and so on; canning, cooking with cast iron. Personally, some of this info I already remember on my own because of the amount of times that I used the information, but it's a book that I'm willing to have because I can always use a refresher and I like to be able to grab the book from my shelves, not just go onto the internet and have to search through my bookmarks or use a search engine for time and time again. There's also more novel information that I will use in the future, such as creating a greenhouse and setting up a composting system, and it's really good to have a reference for it already, so I can review and make sure I understand the information. Overall, the instructions they provide ask for items that are available in many chain stores, so getting started on projects wouldn't be a big hassle on both time and money.I recommend this book for all types of people willing to "DIY" many things in their lives for the sake of avoiding numerous chemicals from being used in their homes, to save the room in their closets and cabinets, to save money, and/or all of the previous statements and other numerous and personal reasons out there.

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